Promo- og demopakker som sendes til m sendes til denne adressen:
Please send your promo and demo packages to the adress below:

Stian Moen
Guldbergaunet G212
Elvenget 41C
7716 Steinkjer

All demos and promos arriving Gravgang are reviewed before or since. I will always do my best to ensure that coverage will be in place before release date.
Today I have the capacity to cover most of the genres within the metal, in addition to hardcore, punk and rock.

Do not ask for coverage if there has only been a week or two since you sent the package - everything that is sent will be discussed. If you are after four-five weeks still have not seen any mention, please send an e-mail. I will help you more than happy to find out what may have gone wrong.

- Everything will be reviewed. --

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