Review: VALEFOR "Screams of Suicide"

Album: Screams of Suicide
Release: 2010
Country: Turkey
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Regorism Production

1. Silent Melancholy 08:14
2. Screams of Suicide 08:52
3. Lifes Belongs To Darkness 08:16
4. The Tears of Isolation 11:30
5. Death Smelling Loneliness 06:54
6. Cursed Ceremony 07:10

It's not often you hear about one-man project in these days, so when I received a black metal album from a Turkish one-man project so was I curious how this sounds.

Melody gave me a really cold and bleak feeling in the body, which I had hoped for. But the vocals were more special, sounded like a child who screamed for help. All in all, this sounds like a dark and lonely souls trying to find themselves. In other words, a very good album, considering that it is a one-man project and that the memories of good old black metal.


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29.jul.2010 kl.16:05

ohh, nice! ;D

Friends 4-ever

29.jul.2010 kl.16:05

kult :)


29.jul.2010 kl.22:02

I have to agree about the one-man project. It isn't really that common. However, I'm quite impressed with what they do create! Just the whole idea of doing it by yourself is so cool!
Great review;)


30.jul.2010 kl.14:21

sv: jeg jeg er klar over det, har bare ikke giddet enn :> Men fint at du sier fra fordet!

Fotograf Ida Linge

11.aug.2010 kl.23:04

hva skjedde med det gamle designet?

Christine Lvendahl

12.aug.2010 kl.09:40

s deprimerende hehe

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